Strange Occurance

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47th Wonder
2 years ago
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Earlier today, a friend and I were at a restaurant. We were seated by a window, the only people sitting down since it had just opened. While eating, we saw two men wearing matching suits approach. They both had red ties, one wearing a hat with a strange symbol on it. The other wearing a coat with the same symbol. I commented on how peculiar this was. They walked into the establishment and seemed like they were trying to get our attention indirectly, if that makes sense. One of the men walked out of his way in order to get closer to us. He gave me a deep look in the eyes and said "Hello" as he walked by. The energy he gave off was nothing like I have ever felt, something told me he was not to be trusted. He and his friend sat a good distance away from us but I was paranoid by their presence and felt like they were listening some how. It was as if they picked up on our energy since my friend and I are empaths and we ended up there by complete coincidence, making this even more strange. Has anyone ever dealt with people like this wearing matching clothes and a symbol? I am curious to learn more about who these people were or just more info on these types of groups.

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2 years ago
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Once, there was a huge flood in my basement, and this guy who was supposedly the head-guy or something or other, and I felt like he was hiding something absolutely terrible, and I kept crying and I got hysterical, and my mom was there, telling me that it was okay, she just kept repeating it, and she felt bad because she couldn't see that the guy was really really horrible. I've never known what was wrong with him, but the feeling that you're talking about, the feeling that they were listening somehow, that they picked up on your energy, I felt that with the man; that he was there to see me hunt me and do something bad to me. But, since in our own right we are total superheroes (insert Superman pose here) I would learn some psychic self-defence techniques, because once you've mastered them, they will really, really help you out. Good luck, have a goodnight!

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