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a friend an colleague at work has recently gone trough a complete change. From good humoured, self-confident to totally insecure and anxious in a few days. She has some private problems an has to fight an illness, but this situation has been going on for some months whereas this change in her behaviour came totally unexpected and within a few days. I have the impression she is getting thinner (not in terms of bodyweigh, although she is loosing weigh too) every day. Like she was slowly disappearing. Before this change, she spoke of her problems quite freely and frequently, now, she only repeats that she is insecure and seems often to be at a loss for words. She sometimes just stands there and looks at me and says nothing. I have no idea how to help. I already asked, if something had happened to her recently, but she denied.

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Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
4 years ago
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Hey, Chris. It's really hard to address this for a third party. It would be so much better if she was willing to provide permission to work with a healer. Even having a close family member involved, ideally one who was living under the same roof, would be better.

Unfortunately, Chris, I don't think this one is yours to solve - which means letting it go. Sometimes the lesson is as simple as that - learning what NOT to do, rather than what TO do.

Please send me a friend request if you have further questions on this one.



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