Wanting to learn how to dream walk

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2 years ago
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Hey everyone I just want some advice on learning the arts of dream walking maybe it can help me in the future like I can read someone's past problem that still effects them presently so maybe it can but thats not really why I will only go in if necessary I looked some ways up but if someone tells me on here it would be better. I use to have very vivid dreams like flying it was so fun and I also had future dreams that came true I miss them :( I also remember my dreams very well there is only very few I remember now but I have not had a vivid dream in quiet a while maybe it was because I was younger and my imagination was a to bursting with creativity so maybe I could dream walk but not know of it. Let me say something awkward there's someon I am good friends with on Skype and on a computer game and I dreamt about him but once I dreamt about a guy I know from school I'll Tell you what the dream was about so there was this thing that gave us abilities and I was a bit hesitant/scared because from memory we had a strange liquid that would come in contact with us. So I remember I was to scAred to climb the stairs to were the liquid was then the guy from school was like "come on Teagan" I did in the end but they said I don't know who that are abilities take awhile to come so I was with a group of people and I think we were talking about our powers. Then this weird cloud came near me and I thought it was in the distance and I was like oh look a cloud then I thought oh no is this my power? Then I was able to move it. It was a bit hard and I swear it was half vivid Idk why but it felt a tiny bit like I was playing a online game but maybe that was just because dreams are weird well I ended up being able to make it bigger and to rain I think people were a bit frightened. Then I woke up from something maybe my sibling making a racket or my alarm. That was only a few months ago actually.The problem is when dreaming every moment is a lot longer then you think every moment may be every half an hour so trying to dream walk presently may make it hard don know why I'm thinking this but maybe my actual ability can help because it comes from the past that leads to the present so maybe instead of using it as past to present problem I can use it to make the dreaming world with the other in it Somehow be present at all times so it's not like every dream moment is every half an hour but that may mean I'd vividly have to dream of the past and then go into his dream and make it present I doubt I came make my ability to that my ability is strong but it can sometimes be clumsy. So thanks for reading please can someone tell me advice to enter others dreams
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2 years ago
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Hi MintyEmpathy, Thank you for your contribution to EC. We reserve the main forum for Empath related topics and this discussion falls more under the category of dreams,symbols or meditation. Please feel free to repost this topic in one of the groups or in a blog. Thank you for your understanding.

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