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2 years ago
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I've been working as a Professional Intuitive for over a decade (wow, time flies!). As part of my Ph.D., I studied the fascinating metaphysical properties of crystals.

That's when I realized that Icould tune intotheirvibration and feel how it affects our subtle energy system called Chakras.

Each Chakra crystal pendant includesa unique intuitive reading, documenting thespecific effect it can have on sensitive people like you!

PS: I use only pure Sterling Silver (not plated metal) because it facilitatesenergy flow.

Your purchase provides a 15% donation to the Empath Community. THANK YOU!


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2 years ago
414 posts

Hi Stephanie,

I have two line of crystals so far. Because Empaths are most vulnerable in their Heart Chakra, both designs address common problems for us: healing and protection.

~ Heal My Heart with Rose Quartzgently mends a broken heart, dissolves painful memories and releases defensive reflexes that make you clam up, lash out or retreat when you dont feel safe.

~ Protect My Heart with Rhodonitedefends you in a toxic environment, when you need a strong warrior to step up against the assault of overwhelming negative emotions.

I'm working on other lines as well and plan to work my way through all the Chakra :)

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