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Moderator 2
3 years ago
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We want to thank all of the members for your help in our fight against the spammers! Though we try to screen the best we can, some seem to get through the cracks and it's through your notifications to us that allow us to find them quickly and get rid of them, so we just want to give you all a big thank you!

We would also like to let knew members know that if you ever have any suspicious posts, or especially when they leave a comment on your wall or message and want you to contact them outside of the forum, please do not respond to them and notify us immediately so we can investigate and take the appropriate measures. If it's spam, it's an immediate ban and their information is flagged in case they try to come back. You can contact us through message, wall comment or report an issue button, although the "report an issue" button would be the best place to report the spammers as it goes to Elise and all the moderators for a quicker response.

Again, thank you so much for making EC a wonderful place to be!!!

Be Blessed,

Mod. 2

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