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Since my awakening I've been trying to explain the unexplainable to the select few that I get that magnetic curiosity about. I know them to be sleeping lightworkers but ive woken a few so far. Im sure some of you have heard we are actually god. I know this to be true because it was given to me to show you. This is the most accurate way I can explain so far. Everyone please close your eyes and try to imagine yourself doing your favorite things. You could be meditating, swimming, or even in your garden. Try to feel the peace and balance you have when doing what you love. Try to see as clear as you can as if your doing it at this very moment. Now STOP! Open your eyes and look up. Your doining it right now. Dont be scared of death. If you saw what I did and went to the same place you would see that what we call death is our return to the source. You would see that there is no fear or time in this place and we are only here for a very short time. I was complaining about life and asking my parents why I had to do this since I was old enough to talk but I never put it together. It hurts here and we will all be going home when we're finished here. All of my hatred and weight has since completely disappeared. I just want to let you all know that everything is going to be ok. What happens is supposed to happen because it simply happened. If you understand this then its been a hell of a ride so far hasn't it.

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Hi There, we reserve the main forum for Empathic related topics. Due to the religious nature of this post, I will need to close it. Please feel free to repost this in one of the groups. We have a lightworker's group that would be more appropriate for this topic. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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