Kaitlyn Brokaw
Kaitlyn Brokaw
3 years ago
216 posts
Hello!First time on the site? I am guessing that your son is an empath. You sound like you could possibly be as well. But your son and coworker sounds like they are just very very sensitive towards energies. Do you know if your son behaves like this when he isnot around anyone? I would love to inbox you some more info!Lots of love xxxKaitlyn
3 years ago
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My co-worker is the same exact way. It is very difficult to not feel it. My co-worker is definitely an empath, he just doesn't know there's a name for it! I'm learning to recognize my feelings apart from everyone else's. When I know it's someone else's, I say out loud, 'that's not mine' and *poof* the emotion is gone. I also ground myself a lot while at work and I visualize negative energy being soaked up into mother earth to be recycled into positive energy. Washing my hands and visualizing the same thing also helps on highly emotional days.

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