Spirit Guide Dream

3 years ago
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I had a spirit guide dream about a month ago, and I have thought this dream many times over the past month. I understand what the dream ment, but was wondering how I can communicate more often with the guide. The dream in itself was so real that I woke up not knowing where I was and I had to look out the window.Side note, ever since I was little I always had very vivid dreams that were unexplainable and some had come true in some way.
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To communicate with your spirit guides, first you must get a higher vibration. Spirits are on a very high vibrational plane, and they you need to first sort of meet them halfway. They are always there... In fact they're waiting for us communicate and ask for guidance. Its their purpose. We must believe, and then EXPECT.

Its not enough to wait and hope. When we ask for guidance or commumication, we must expect for it. This goes hand in hand with the law of attraction. Speak directly to your guides, and know they are communicating.

There any many different types of guides too. Runners, Helpers, Healers, Teachers, etc... All waiting to help us. You can never ask for help too much.

My suggestion, along with mindfulness meditation, is to think of yourself as a spirit, with a direct link to your higher self and spirit guides. Speak to your guides everyday, and expect that they will guide you. I promise you, if you ask your guides to help, they will.

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