Is being an empath genetic?

3 years ago
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I have known I was an empath for a bit over a year now, but in that time I haven't really noticed if any of my family members or relatives have empathic traits that could make them an empath. So my question is, is being an empath genetic? Is it random? A mix?

All replies are appreciated! <3

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3 years ago
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Nature vs. Nurture? I think some people utilize their empathic ability more than others because they haven't had situations that caused them to negate them, bury them under, etc so they've had more opportunities to nurture those talents (whether they were dubbed good experiences or bad). Other people, it served no purpose in their lives and decided to chuck it for other skills like...math. lol

3 years ago
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Interesting. Scottish possibly empathic mum, sensitive Welsh dad and I am empathic and so is my son. Not sure if its nature or nurture but it seems to run in some Celtic families

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