Asking for healing for another.

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7 years ago
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I am aware of a Blog post with this title but wanted to open a discussion where the merits of asking for healing can be debated in a fair way without bias.

The blog suggests sympathy as validity for healing butI am of the opinion sympathy is judgemental and hence cannot be used as a base for healing.

The blog suggests sympathy and emotion and to suffer alongside or withdraw and let the entity suffer the full load for themself.

For any newbie to attempt to read the blog posting at best will confuse them and at worst will cause pain and hurt.

In my limited experience of the things thatI have come across to date.

To attempt to heal using ones own body and doing it as an individual from one to another is dangerous, to heal someone because of sympathy will be done with the wrong intent and again can only cause pain and hurt.

Healing in it's purest form will be done with empathy, good intent and be spirituallycommunal. To set oneself up as an individual thatheals is possibly oneof the most dangerous thingsI have heard to date.

I look forward to an unbiased debate.

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7 years ago
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If we didn't sympathize , then chances are we would never do anything. Should we heal people simply because we sympathize with them, no, we should use some commmon sence and some judgement. But people make some really poor descisions because of "sympathy" , but on the flip-side people make poor descisions when they don't feel sympathetic. I understand how you feel it could be dangerious, because it could if we do things just because we are sympathetic towards them or allow our sympathy to get out of control. But the same could be said by every other emotions. If we let our anger get out of control, we could hurt or kill someone. If we let our happiness out of control, (and yes, i believe all emotions good and bad could do harm) then we may blow off our responsibilites in order to stay happy. We could also loose touch with sympathy, because we would block pain, ect. This is only a small part of a large whole. But, to be honest, when people ask for prayer and energy requests and healing on this forum, what drives you to respond and send that energy? Do people actually send that energy? I don't think it's all empathy, just because we know how they are feeling or understand what they are going through usually isn't enough to help. It's ususally sympathy, (or selffishnees, depending on how you look at it) that drives us to react. To me, it's a "driveing" emotion, alot like passion. It takes us from feeling to reacting. This is simply one opinion. Thanks for posting, this is a good thread and look forward to hearing yours and other's responces. :)
7 years ago
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I'm with you on this one, Bruce. I believe that sympathy and empathy are altogether different. It is the difference between healing another and assisting that person to heal him/herself.
7 years ago
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I think I got so focused on the sympathy that I think I misunderstood the actual question,lol,. So to rephrase , sympathy is a good tool to use to get us motivated to reach out and help, but Tammie is right, The actual energy used for healing should not come form our own emotions, but from that of the Divine. Thanks for clarifying that Tammie :)

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