what makes you happy?

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2 years ago
107 posts
Have you guys ever made a list of what makes you happy or helps you feel a sense of accomplishment/fulfillment?I like travelling and having somewhere to go and having the freedom to choose when I go, how I go, as well as who I go with makes me incredibly happy and helps me feel a great sense of fullness.What about you guys?
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2 years ago
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I choose to be happy. There are so many things I appreciate. It would be an extremely long list.

Good thing to ask though!

Love and Light!

Emmy Long
2 years ago
484 posts
My job, my dog, my best friend, my mom and family in general. I get happy when I sit and feel love and other positive emotions from those around me. That's actually probably the thing that makes me MOST happy, feeling others happiness. Maybe that's why I was blessed with the gift of empathy. It seems a bit selfish, but sometimes I think this gift gives even more to me than it does to those I help through it. Most people love SOMETHING/SOMEONE, and the energy they give off when around it, is what makes me happiest. :)
Kit Kat
2 years ago
230 posts

:) That's a great question! Like Chay, my list would be super long, too, but here are some things:

Learning something new that helps me see the world in a better light, being able to help people - especially using my creative or empathic my abilities, spending time with family, strengthening my relationship with God, healthy food that also tastes amazing, going new places, being in Barnes & Noble, being in airports (I love the energy in airports because it tends to be reflective, hopeful, cultural, and bittersweet all at the same time), being in health food stores, being creative, and having intellectual or philosophical conversations with people.

Oh and really good music.. I love how music is such a universal language

Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
726 posts
Any time I am around water...I love going to the lake. Being out in the country, especially riding horses. Cuddling with my husband.....and cats ;)
2 years ago
21 posts

Nothing makes me more happy than meeting super warm and open people. Some people you look into their eyes and feel like they just "know" you...you know?? It's the most amazing thing. Also, having a conversation with someone new and having so many aligning beliefs is always amazing. Just connecting human to human...good stuff!!!

2 years ago
21 posts

So many things but especially standing on the tops of the moorland hills near where I live and feeling the wind nearly knock me off my feet, the smell of crushed tomato leaves, my sons belly-laugh, finally getting to the end of the knitting pattern without having to frog it again and a really nice cup of tea!. The list is endless!

2 years ago
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Praying to God, Nature, lakes, rivers and animals<3 Love and Light to you ;)

Kaitlyn Brokaw
2 years ago
216 posts
Music. Playing my saxophone. Listening to upbeat music. Listening to slow classical music. Vitamin String Quartet.My little sisters. My mom and brother. My dad when he isnt being crazy haha. My dog. And up until recently, my cat.Writing and reading are amazing activities. Along with doing art related things.And many more things

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