Changing your path vs Deja vus

3 years ago
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I type a lot but the important things are the last three paragraphs. The rest is proof and some explanation.I've been looking around a bit. It seems that some dreams can, or can't come true, depending on your decision. I guess it would be your emotional decision.I've had a dream where I was dropped on accident. I was no more than 2, considering that was the age of my n.d.e. and after coming back I suddenly knew how to walk and talk in full sentences. Anyway when it happened I remember holding on their shoulder then crying loud to get everyone's attention to avoid the accident. In the dream I was quiet even during the fall...Another was when some criminal killed me and didn't flee even as sirens approached. I woke up sweating. I was 16. The day before someone was killed in our neighborhood but this was not on my mind when my friend challenged me. I was easy on him, like always to keep the scores even, then a car full of guys approach and we pay no attention. I look over and the guys are watching us as they represent their gang. I k ew immediately I was in trouble. I knew I could not escape, yet I'm still playing basketball as if I do not see them. I realized running would get me killed and I'm sure my friend noticed it too. Eventually I made the "last" basket and we walked off shaking. The one guy even got out of the car and walked towards us as we were leaving.Another involved a cop, how strange. I seen myself running away and being shot. What happened was a policeman pulled up questioning us. Last time I hung with my new neighbor.Even in situations that are good are possible. I have some more...Eventually I seen myself living a life I thought would not happen. It seemed what really made it happen was an emotional burst. With the path I was walking it seemed as if it were going in a completely different direction.Anyway...It is all about your decision. The dreams are there to show you your "checkpoints" in life. You may or may not reach it depending on your choices. It is always a great possibility you will see it. What happens depends on you.Deja vus cannot be changed. They happen so fast and your decision will not affect what will happen either way. They seem to come out of nowhere too. Deja vus are in dreams, and sometimes a familiar smell, location, taste can make you realize you've done this before.It is strange how much a dream can be tied into our reality. It seems that even our nightmares can come true, and since we have some sort of gift, we can change the situation. I guess we really are shields of light. Even the worst situation can be turned around depending on our emotions and how we handle things.
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