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3 years ago
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Today I ran across this article I've been searching for a label to catagorize what I've experienced /experiencing. In the process I've ran across all kinds of theories, explanations and rational .some make sense to me. some seem as if they are only trying to validate their perception of the world. Not too long ago I used to think everything I knew was right . The final word . The alpha to the omega . The beginning and the end.but I felt as though something was missing or I was missing something. Someone told me once "the answers to all of your questions are within you " . As I started to look inwardly I found my perceptions were wrong. Based solely from fear and my own misguidings . This article got me thinking. Have I really been as open minded as I had thought? Am I still just a caveman stuck in Platos cave only seeing shadows? Or am I still in the mirrored casket surrounded by my own illusions with spears of my own egotism protruding from me as a tao te ching lesson suggests? I try not to discount anything. I have always tried to see both sides. I am open minded enough to believe there are more than shadows but am I brave enough to put my ego aside and look outside the cave?
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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
3 years ago
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The article rings true. Since I have been meditating more and turning my focus "inside" I have grown immensely. I am finding that a lot is possible and that our current reality is just an illusion. This in turn has helped me resolve a lot of deep seated, irrational fears, one is being afraid of heights. Also resolving past traumas and putting a lot of "stuff" behind me so to speak. In turn, I am finding a lot nicer reality and I am a much happier person because if it. I have only started this journey recently so I am excited to see what happens next!

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