Are you an Impaired Empath?

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2 years ago
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This is a post from my blog that felt particularly relevant to our Empath Community :)

Are you an Impaired Empath?

If you've figured out you're anEmpath, you already know that you might be picking up on other peoples feelings throughout the day. I defineanImpaired Empathas someone who is unable to control the flow of emotional information they pick up from other people.

Its like a tsunami wave that rolls over you, leaving you flat on the ground, confused and exhausted.

An Impaired Empath is usually unaware of what is happening to her. This sense ofemotional churninghas been there for as long as she can remember and no one ever explained how shecan tame her wild Empath skills to avoid being crushed by them.

First,lets walk through this process in slow motion, so we can see how it works.

The Trigger

Empaths are like a radio receiver: they pick up the emotionalsignalsemitted by other people.

SomeEmpaths unknowingly tune intoall thesignalsaround them. Their trigger is always on. That means youre listening to lots of high drama radio shows 24/7. Ouch! Makes it hard to sleep at night orfocus on your job.

Other Empaths listen only to signal fromspecific people, like their loved ones. That makes it a little easier but youre still liableto be overcome bysadness asyou mom received bad news that youre still unaware of.

Finally, an Empath can also pick up onspecificevents. When you touch someone or make eye contact, youre more likely to accidentally tune into their emotional signal.

The Wave

When youvetuned into someone elses emotional signal, their feelings create anemotional activation within youthat works like an echo: you experiencetheir rage, their sadness, their confusion. It becomes yours too.

The Release

Once youve completed the connection with them, you let it go. You disconnect from their signal, the emotions flush out of you and its over. Youre back to being just you.

When things go wrong

For Impaired Empaths, the process tends to work more like this

1) Someone feels an emotion, usually a very strong and negative one. You accidentallytune into their emotional signal. Problem #1.

2) You are hit by the emotional wave and experience huge emotional activation. Problem #2.

3) Thats it you never release and you keep feeling crappy long after they have moved on! Problem #3.

We will exploreeach of these problems in more details in upcoming posts. But keep in mind that all of themcan be solved!

PS: If you want to go straight to the punch line, take a look at the myResource Page for empaths

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Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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Thanks for posting this, Elise:)

Even though I can confidently say I am able to at least transmute others' physical pain into positive energy and release it, I still have issues with shielding myself from others' emotions and not realizing immediately that they are not mine.

I have tried many different types of shields, and some are effective from a distance but do not work when I am in closer proximity to others. Others shields will sometimes work perfectly and other times will not work at all.

I look forward to reading more of your posts and will, in the meantime, study your Resource Page for Empaths.

Thank you, and I send you positive pink love light and positive green healing light:)


Equus Aquarius

Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
726 posts
Thank you for posting. I have grown so much as an empath since I found this site a couple of months ago. Everyone on here is great, it is also nice to read about others going through the same things as I. A lot of loving, helpful people here as with yourself. Thanks again Elise for a job well done!
2 years ago
414 posts

H Equus,

I have also found that some techniques work better than others in certain situations. I think there isn't "one" thing that works for everyone but rather we discover along the way what works well for each of us.



2 years ago
414 posts

I am SO happy you have found companionship and support here. I LOVE IT!

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