Could there be empaths or other those with other gifts who are not involved into their gift or talk about it?

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2 years ago
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I don't know the right way to say about this...when I watched a video about contestants being eliminated, one of the judges/coaches commented that this contestant has negative energy, she's feeling it and she feels like taking a step back from him instead of wanting to approach him.

I was a bit surprised for such a comment because I've never heard contestant getting eliminated because of having/emanating negative energy.

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2 years ago
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Albert Einstein may have been an empath. I haven't really done research on him but I've run into his many quotes and read somewhere he believed in empathy, which continued my search in a different direction. I could read up on him now but I'm not into researching individuals.
strange life
2 years ago
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sure dont see why not , i was an empath long before i knew anything about it

Jessie Lobstere
2 years ago
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i have always been able to identify that i empathize but i used to have anxiety attacks and pass out in crowds. now that i have accepted and recognized that this is an ability and not a curse, it is a lot easier to cope with the chaos. I spent the last decade in denial, in isolation, being apathetic and thinking that i hated people. then i met some people who understood and could empathize with ME, and everything changed. i feel sociable and loving now, and ever since i found this comfort level all of my other psychic tendencies are really starting to become apparent. but i would imagine there are more empaths who hide from themselves and stifle their abilities simply because they dont understand it than there are those of us who have embraced it.
2 years ago
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They maybe aware of what they sense but not the term "empath" and the term "energy" is more mainstream.

I do not talk about my abilities anymore...other empaths,psychics,animal whisperer's,shama and so on are really uncomfortable that I have learned both dark/light abilities....but at times I do make a mistake of saying,I was at a sort of wake,and commented to the host that I did not sense any despair/loss but relief/peace coming from the family/friends that were there....he replied back that he agree'd.

2 years ago
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I have never thought of ignoring my ability i have lots of other abilities that are not on the subject with empathy like one that is getting hard to tell people because they think its something else and i got tiered off it well i love having rare abilties i would rather things like this being uncommon then common well my mum says i am an crystal rainbow and when she tod me i said i feel others emotions and she said yea you get that well i am more of an rainbow child because of my birthdate and power i may not even be autistic just misdiognoised i may of been misdiogonuised because something i know about me that people with autisim want have one empathy its not that they dont know empathy just Dont know how to rect to things. Well rainbow children don't actually feel others emotions in empathy they read them maybe thats why i don't have as much trouble controling my ability then others I am starting to notice i feel empathy for others as past emotions when i may get home from school i feel drained and think i had an good day but feel drained i think older empaths are the ones wo shut there abiltites off when they wee young and theres not as much today because i notice at school alot more people are bullies then there was in the past theres alot more sociopaths

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