Infatuation and intuition

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2 years ago
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Ever since I discovered I am an Empath, "awakened" or whatever, my intuition has been crazy. I get "messages" on a daily basis... and they are always 100% correct!

I have a bit of a crush on somebody at the moment, and I am questioning it. I really really want him to be something "special", and maybe I am afraid to put my heart out there for somebody knowing the possibility of him not being "the one." I'm not sure if I am just completely infatuated with him and this is my heart going crazy, or if this is intuition and the Universe has brought him into my life for some sort of purpose.

Has anybody else had an experience where love got in the way with their sense of intuition? :)

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2 years ago
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If I get into infatuation territory usually things get quite haywire (but then my intuition is not always correct anyway)...... I have a standing order/ plead with Ultimate Good to always remove and cleanse out any negative energies (emotions, thoughts, believes), which come to me (for whatever reason). Usually after a few days things become clearer and so far no relationship has prospered in light of that clarity - lol.

Good luck to you - Love and Light!

P.S. from a spiritual view point all humans are individualized divine Spirit and extra special (well, some hide it better than others) - so personally I do believe that every human has a 'the one' potential inside them. Since realizing that I am less paranoid about potentially missing the one One :))

2 years ago
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Not a great feeling. Yes, I have. Being empath we help others even when it is not necessarily healthy for us. Your need to help, the love you feel for others and your intuition can be in conflict. Example, I felt love for this individual. I would have stayed with him. A lot of that was because he needed me. My intuition and guides where practically yelling at me daily. It hurt to get out of the relationship, but I definitely listen now.

Your intuition will tell you he is the 'one'. You will know. Sometimes people come into your life for a reason even when they are not your soul mate. And, not every soulmate is someone with whom you could live in every life time.

And, yes, messages are a constant occurrences for me. I would not have it any other way. Ask your guides, guardians, angels for guidance. Please make sure you thank them for their help.

Deep breath. Relax. Meditate. Ask for guidance.

You aren't going to know if he is the 'one' if you don't get out there. Just remember to trust your gifts.

Love and light to you on your journey.

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