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I can say that I am reserved because I'm usually envied. Managers, owners, supervisors, coworkers have all envied me and as a result my work suffered. For years there was verbal abuse and being isolated every time. Rules suddenly change and they always seem to be against me. Have you ever had your supervisor watch you with the dirtiest look? Just hoping you screw up so he can yell. They put you below their worst employees even if you work better than them. Always looking to criticize or make a bad comment.I've gone through so much bad between jobs and guys I meet to know they get jealous over the smallest crap. I've learned not to even talk about what I have to avoid making them jealous. It doesn't work because they'll spy and when they see something else, there goes another problem. When I'm doing bad, of course it is blown up. When I'm doing good, those same people speak down upon me.It is extremely frustrating to deal with this too often. After a while I stopped caring and stopped speaking. I try not to reveal too much good about myself to avoid another jealous person, but they search and search and when they find out more they become more jealous.I did lose a job for a jealous boss. At first he was upset because his favorite employee kept trying to talk to me, and I was flattered but she was married and pregnant, and not by him. What pushed him over was when I bought a new car he claimed he wanted. A coworker told him it was my car. Got fired less than a week after getting the car.

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