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I was starting to feel the spring...and then this monster storm hit. I'm currently in a hotel, and I don't know when I'll be able to get home. They think power could be out for days. Trees falling from the weight of snow and ice.We realized we were powerless over this, and just took pets and got a hotel. But I'm worried about one of the feral cats I take care of. I put him in my sister's house with plenty of water and food. Just hope a tree doesn't fall on the house and breech my security efforts to keep him safe.I've been away from home since Monday. They say storm could last till Saturday. At best, I will say, in times like this we get to see what we are made of.This is the time for deep breathing exercises and hot cocoa with coffee liqueur (Kahlua to be exact.)This seems to be a very strange winter.Tell those fairy friends of yours to make it over here to NY. Bring on the growing season.

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