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2 years ago
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I live in a subdivision, there are 134 houses and most of them are occupied. On one side I have a situation where an adult daughter has moved back in, this adult daughter moved her two under the age of 5 sons in and she has a rank energy and is causing a lot of tension in the family. On the other side I have the Jersey attitude, I have met other people from NJ and I know there are nice people from there but my NDN is the epitome of the Jersey Girl. That family loves by fighting, aggression is their joy. A few doors up from there is a drunk who lives off of doctor's prescriptions. A divorce is happening across the street, beside that house is a house of confusion and mental problems. The two houses behind me are at war over noise.

If I am not angry I am sad, if I am not sad I am confused, if I am not confused I feel high, I need a massive dose of Calgon!!!

I long for a country walk today. I want to sit out in the middle of a field and enjoy the sunlight on my face and listen to the grasshoppers hop from weed to weed. I want to walk by a pond and hear the gentle wiggle of the tadpoles. I want to feel the breeze as a junebug flies by my head and hear the buzzing of a sweet bumble bee. Watch the butterflies dip and light on a nearby flower. I want to walk through the trees and listen to the squirrels play overhead and the birds chirping from their nests. Oh nature!!!

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2 years ago
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I'm in the same situation. I look at it this are there for a reason. A beacon of light in the dark. Positive vibrations in a low light situation. It's hard to cop the negative vibes that constantly bombard your space. Daily clearing helps.
Secret Blossom
2 years ago
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I definitely understand how you feel! My neighbors are way to close! Luckily, they are a bunch of seemingly emotionless people, but if I'm outside....oh boy, its just so many different things jammi g all together. You definitely need same nature inyour life to absorb that negative energy! I hope things get better for you!
2 years ago
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I hear ya....that's why I can't live in apartment blocks....row houses....or duplexes.....I also live in the city and find being in such close quarters very put it mildly. I had my car I could at least get out of the city for a day and I don't have one and feel claustrophobic....and stuck....I'll be getting one soon drive a city bus for a living and I pick up so much crap from people in my energy....including co workers who sit in the drivers chair.....I get tired quite taking a breather away from the city is what I need lots of plants in the house...I bought a happy light....and smudging helps quite a bit too....

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