My first event for Empaths!

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2 years ago
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I'm so excited to be the host of an event just for Empaths! So far, all my work has been virtual and online. But this one is in the real world!

I'll be talking about the Empath Experience, the common side effects ofImpaired Empathsand of courseEmpath Survival Program.

The event is on August 13th at theNew Renaissance Bookstore

If you happen to live in Portland, OR, please come say hi! I've run into two members of the empath community so far and LOVE when that happens :)

in love


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Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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That's Awesome:) I am so happy for you!

Sending you positive pink love light and positive green healing light:)

Equus Aquarius

2 years ago
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This is great news Elise I wish you all the best :)

2 years ago
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Excellent! The world needs you:)

2 years ago
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Wow awesome!
Cheshire Cat
2 years ago
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This is fabulous and I hope it exceeds expectations.

Wish I didn't live so far away.

Charlotte Blue
2 years ago
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Congratulations, Elise!! I just listened to one of your videos and you are so helpful!! Thank you for all you do to help us along this path. :)

2 years ago
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Thanks everyone! The room will be packed in spirit ;)

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