Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
4 years ago
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Hi Samaria:

Great question. Good advice from Gene.

For me it has been to keep asking "Is this mine?". The clearer I have become in myself (by whatever means) the more I have been able to distinguish between my own emotions and those of others. Usually, the realization that a particular emotion is not mine - and especially whose it is and what it is - is enough for it to melt away.

Unfortunately the mind plays tricks. It's job is to think! It thinks "This body I am in is having an emotion. There must be a reason for that. Here, let me give you this whole list of reasons why this emotion belongs to us." If you are an empath, the mind's first impulse - to think that it owns the emotion - is very often wrong!!

So if you keep asking "Is this mine?", how do you trust the answer, how do you get the answer quickly?

Learning to keep asking the question is the first step. I have found that using a pendulum or using muscle testing have been invaluable for helping get to the answers. But, as Gene says, find what works for you. You are part of a great community here. Keep reaching out to us. and WELCOME!



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