Journals. Does anyone keep a journal, whether daily, dream or any other reason in regards to empathic experiences?

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2 years ago
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About three years ago, my dreams were becoming so strong that not only were they preminitions, but also lucid. I have always had issues with sleep and over the years have become quite attunded with my dreams however, they became to much for me to handle and i began keeping a log. This dream journal changed into an everything included log of expression, creative outlets, and all of the above. The most facinating yet scary thing was that i began having preminitions and empathetic experiences that my journal had already expressed. It is what made me begin to really do some self assesments. Im only book number 15 now. The first few dream books i kept had been actualy passed around by people i really didnt know but because the dreams were coming true as well as the feelings i was getting, many people "and not a so open minded nor morally correct individuals" began going off of my feelings when it came to situations. I had such a hard time believing in the more intuitive nature i possessed and because of my law enforcement background, started keeping track of those experiences.
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2 years ago
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I used to keep a journal in which I recorded every dream I had. I stopped because I don't think it really profits me anything to do so. Even if some of my dreams are premonitions, there's not much I can really do to change it... so what's the point?

Now, I will say that I do still have a journal in which I write dreams of great importance, but that is a rare occurrence indeed! Not every dream deserves my precious time and energy.

2 years ago
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For the past dew months my dreams are getting more intense sometimes about things i think about like watch a shaow or talk to someone or go on facebook which norrmaly ends up on dreams about school i keep getting dreams i normmaly forget them then i remember then later in the day once i had a really intense dream about someone it effected me consciously
2 years ago
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I have actually recently started keeping a dream journal just so I can understand what my dreams mean. I find it very helpful. I'm still getting the hang of understand what my dreams mean :)

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