How do you guys meditate and is there a name for your meditation?

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2 years ago
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I just started to meditate recently and it was to heal my mind to be positive.

It takes just a short while to do it, and every time I do it, there is always energy and light involved.

I don't follow any meditation's just my own style.

Sometimes when I go out, I make sure I have a positive energy glow so I would be in the positive state of mind.

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2 years ago
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to me meditation is mainly about consciously connecting to a higher, healing power. I ask to be connected via all my energy systems - chakras, Hara, Kundalini, Soul Star and Grounding and then just let it flow. I learned that healing energies have their own intelligence and will go where needed, do what needs to be done. I trust it and it works for me and my clients. It's more about connecting, ie switching the energies on, than then focusing on it incessantly (albeit that can be interesting) - At times I do scan through my energy systems though and add my healing intend to anything that requires cleansing or healing. I rarely get the time to just do nothing when I meditate, there usually is something to heal or healing to be sent....

I meditate a lot when I do my cardio too (keeps me from falling asleep, and helps me to keep breathing), so, I find, that one does not have to be all quiet and still.

Have fun

2 years ago
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I'm not a meditator. I know people who do it 2x a day and love it. To me is a bit selfish to shun the world and lock myself in a cave somewhere and attain Nirvana. Well as I see it, this very messed up world needs us here and physically and actively working in it. There are lots of way to meditate and all of them do not require long times or closing of the eyes. I prefer those. One of the most important is being mindful of the moment. This can take seconds or a little longer. But see you must also deal with the Monkey Mind. That is different. The very experienced meditator told me he wasted many years trying to control the Monkey Mind and failed. He only made progress when he stopped that allowed it to do its thing, tell it interesting thoughts and continued meditating. You can meditate while gardening, or washing dishes, doing the laundry. I can do it while taking a bath. Anyways my 2 cents.

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