So I’m a little new to this…

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2 years ago
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Hi there! So Im a bit new (and a bit scared) to this empath stuff as Ive only recently found out I AM an empath. I think Ive been one for about a year or so since I could feel what one of my best friends were feeling. My other best friend was angry one day too and I could feel that and I asked her about it. I can also feel when my dad gets angry (and thats usually the sign that I should probably stay away and leave him to his own things). I talked to my mum about it and she said I was probably right, but the problem is its speradic. It tends to do it on its own whenever it wants (but when it comes to my best friends and my dad it isnt as speradic). I have felt other peoples feelings but not as much. I told both my best friends about this and though they try their hardest to, they dont really understand what Im feeling.

I haven't told many people because of past experiences with people pretending to believe me but then saying things behind my back so I'm a little cautious when it comes to these things haha...

As I said I am a little scared but I dont really want to switch it off, not if I can use it to help people. I want to be able to strengthen it and be able to switch it on and off at will.

Although it does its thing whenever, it does tend to calm down more often when I listen to music or go for a swim or play around with my dogs or go for a walk in the garden (though I would prefer a forest but I dont really live near one!)

If there is anyway I could be able to use it whenever I want or to strengthen it, how could I do this? Is there anyway to do this?


*A side note* I'm so glad my phone can do 'Tethering or hotspot active' because the internet won't work otherwise!

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2 years ago
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"She who knows"

Trust what you know, because you know more than most and don't be afraid of anything. There is nothing spiritually to be afraid of. Believe in yourself. A very simple meditation and do this with your eyes wide open.

"I am bright, brighter than all the rest. My light shines brighter and has no limits."

You are amazing so believe it.

With Love


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