Have you guys ever tried communicating empathically with infants? I find the reaction is more obvious than adults.

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2 years ago
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Since I don't know baby language, I tried to communicate in such a way with a friend's daughter who is about one and a half years old (now almost two years old).

At first, we were good but last week, they arrived with her still sleeping.

My friend said that it was almost time for her to wake up, and I accidentally sent a small yellow colored energy ball to make her wake up...and she quickly got angry waking up.

That was a bit of my mistake, but her parents comforted her after that and she was okay.

I can create energy ball not only from my hands, but also from my forehead (third eye), so I don't need to point my hand or it'll be too obvious to other people.

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2 years ago
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Thats cool how you can crate energy balls i reckon thats a cool ability well when i was younger i could not talk untill i was 6 i could mumble my mum said but when my mum was talking about something with another person she would say it in letters like eg hi i like dogs so she instead she would of said h i l d and i could understand sometimes if i have to tell my mum something that no one else can hear i do this Once my mum was on the phone and i remembered we had to pick smething up my sisters birthday present so i had to talk to her in letters. My first real sentence was "look at the pretty lights. I guess if you try talk to them in letters and also think in your head and think what the baby is which is sounds kind of hard they may understand

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