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I don't know if their are certain eye color traits, but I have heard that light colored eyes or eyes that draw alot of attention come from being a lightworker.

My eyes are a little strange and have had comments on them quite a bit, usually asking what color they are. I tell them to choose one,lol. They are a combination of blue,green and grey and one has a small gold speck in it. They are also very light and changes often. When my eyes are red because of crying or allergies or something, they turn a bright aqua color. Because they are so light, if I am in direct sunlight, some people say they look almost white. It's a trip,lol. My mom and dad both have blue eyes, but the lighter blue and grey comes from my mother's side. The green, I assume, comes from my dad's because I have a cousin that had one dark blue and dark green eye. Genetics is funny like. I am also a Medium, since you are wondering if certain colors are prominent for certain abilities.

However, in many Native American cultures, it is believe that the eyes are the doorway to the soul, which I believe :) I do know that I get mixed reactions when people look at me, but more often then not, if they are not drawn to weirdness of them, they are usually afraid when I look directly at them. Accept for children, I seem to draw children in and they seem not afraid at all. But again, I think alot of it has to do with the energy behind it. Empath's not only feel emotions from other people, but they have a tendency of drawing things out of people without ever saying a word. My father in-law is a great example of this. We were having a relaxed conversation about psychic abilites, ect when all of a sudden he started telling me about a horrible childhood event that happened to him. I listen and was sympathetic, but the horror in his eyes said that he never intended to tell ANYONE that secret, yet , it just came out. I don't think I ever see anyone excuse themselves so quickly and hide out in their office the rest of the night, my entire life. People see this in Empath's and it just happens and then they get embarrassed or freaked out wondering what just happened. I guess you can call it a supernatural truth serom,lol. But, what you might want to try is to notice the way they notice your eyes when your speaking to them and see what you can feel from it. Like, for example, notice their reaction to you, and then notice what mood your in. The best way I can tell what energy I am projecting out is to look at the people around me and how they react when seeing me or my eyes. This will clue you into what they see in you at the moment. If they start telling you their life story, chances are you are open inside and feeling compassionate or non-judgemental. If you see them looking at you and they are running the opposite direction, then chances are, your wanting to be left alone, or they have something they are not wanting to share. If your like me, and you get the look of fear from them, chance are, your projecting an energy of authority or you are closed and not wanting to deal with anyone at the moment. Anyway's just a fun experiment that might help you learn more about projection and your own energy, and when and why they may come to you :)

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