Sleep Paralysis

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2 years ago
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Iv noticed through my journey of descovering this gift I often have sleep paralysis. Has this happened to anyone else?
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2 years ago
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Yes, but I don't think it's necessarily an empath thing but does happen to people with other abilities. It falls into the same discussion as on another post about the brain waves getting confused.

2 years ago
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Yea its terrifing i rarley get it like every few years or maybe less normmaly when i get nightmares about monsters lying on top of me putting strange tension on my neck so i try to wake up then all of a sudden i am just lying there shifting my postion to laying on my side feeling the tension for 1 second then realise that i was awake just lying there terrified
2 years ago
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Yeah it's normal for any person to experience this. My younger brother says "it's a witch dancing on your back" you can break it by waking up completely. If you were to slip between the dream world and the real world, then you'll find yourself in an astral plane. You'll know be cause you'll be flying. You can fly slightly faster than you can run. Both exhaust you by the time you wake up. Astral projecting is fun until you run into the wrong thing.
2 years ago
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I agree with Pat, could be many things. My son has narcolepsy and catalepsy and one of the things he must deal with is sleep paralysis. Its a chemical thing in the brain. I know of one case where an entity did that to someone. Not a dark entity but one needing help in its journey out'a here. Dark entities can do that but as a mechanism to create fear, which is what they want. So I would recommend shielding and thinking positive thoughts ... be happy, dance and sing. Life is a wonderful gift.

2 years ago
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I've not experienced it in the last 10 years. Thank Goodness! But I used to all the time and it's frightening! I noticed it happened when laying on my back. So maybe try to sleep in a different position. I also now surround myself in a bright white light before I drift asleep. :-)
Nocturne's Angel
2 years ago
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Here is a video that should assist you in answering your question & give you some information on what you can do to protect yourself before bed, etc.

Best wishes

2 years ago
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I've been having this for years. Notice it happens when I'm on my back or in a weird position. When I had quit smoking for 2 months I didn't experience this once. And it usually happens a few times a month.

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