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2 years ago
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I'm kinda new to this, but does anyone use gemstones for shielding/protection etc? If so what are the gemstones and what is your practice with them? (carrying or leaving them at home/ cleansing) I just had acquired lace agate and found my old gem collection a couple days ago.
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2 years ago
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Black tourmaline is by far the one of the best shielding protection stones. It creates a shield around you that you can literally feel and sometimes even see in pictures. It feels like a soothing balm to have it near you and a calmness surrounding you. You should get it it rough, untumbled and unpolished. It is most powerful in its natural form and you should get more than one of them. Unlike other crystals and stones like crystal quartz that get more powerful the more you use them, black tourmaline gets less powerful the more you use it. It gets drained by using it. So you need more than one. I recommend buying a pound of them on amazon. Crystal Allies is a good company. That is who I ordered mine from. I keep mine in a wooden box i got from the craft store and when I need one I just grab a chunk and put it in my pocket and go out. Next time I need one I grab a different chunk and so on. Allowing the others to recharge. You only need one at a time and only use it when you need it and put it away when you don't. I find it hard to read others sometimes when I have it on me. That is sometimes what I want especially when I am in a crowd but when I am home by myself or with just a few people I don't like that and want to feel them. So use it how you like. It will also block the power of whatever other stone you have near it. It is stronger than most other stones.

2 years ago
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I agree, I am wearing a black tourmaline as well...I wear it as a necklace and the power of this stone is really strong and wonderful. Highly recommended!

I also have a ring which is an orange calcite. it gives me positive energy and supports my mental pain.

I love these two stones... many times when I didnt know what was happening with me as I was so confused and stressed on a day, I realized I dont wear my, yeah ;)

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