Equus Aquarius
Equus Aquarius
3 years ago
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I have never thought of myself as having a green thumb and still feel bad about a little pine tree that I had one Christmas as a kid. I did my best taking care of it, and it still died:( Ever since then, I have been nervous taking care of plants and haven't felt that I do very well with them, no matter how hard I try...

About two weeks ago I received my Reiki 1 attunement and was told that I could even use Reiki on plants, so I decided to try Reiki on some bushes in my yard. While I was doing Reiki on one of the bushes, the bush actually said, "I'm tired!" I heard all of this soft murmurimg and gentle laughter around me, too! I then started to see a green aura around the bush and felt like a huge amount of energy was going through my body into the bush!!!

I could not believe that the bush talked to me!!! There was no one else around that I could have heard, and this encouraged me to try to connect more with other plants and trees on my property-that even those of us who don't feel that we are good with plants can make more of a difference than we think:)


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