Harriet the Shrub

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2 years ago
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So today I was talking to my grandma when she brought up something I had almost totally forgotten. When I was a toddler there was a lavender plant in her garden that I called Harriet. I was very close to her and I would sit and talk to her for hours, water her, and take care of her, and then I would always take a little piece of lavender with me to smell and make me feel calm, and ever since I've loved the smell of lavender. Anyways, so one day the yard guy accidentally ripped up Harriet and killed her, and it haunted me for a really long time. I little piece of her lived on, and I planted other little lavenders around her so she could grow big and strong again one day. Well I had pretty much forgotten all about this until today, so I went out into the garden to visit my old friend. I sat there for a good 30 minutes and I could tell she was happy to see me again. It was so peaceful, and she let me have some of her leaves to take with me to smell. It's so weird to me when I remember signs of being an empath from my childhood, and I can piecing together this puzzle. Well I just thought I'd share this, and I'd love to hear similar stories from other people if you all have any :)
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Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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I have never thought of myself as having a green thumb and still feel bad about a little pine tree that I had one Christmas as a kid. I did my best taking care of it, and it still died:( Ever since then, I have been nervous taking care of plants and haven't felt that I do very well with them, no matter how hard I try...

About two weeks ago I received my Reiki 1 attunement and was told that I could even use Reiki on plants, so I decided to try Reiki on some bushes in my yard. While I was doing Reiki on one of the bushes, the bush actually said, "I'm tired!" I heard all of this soft murmurimg and gentle laughter around me, too! I then started to see a green aura around the bush and felt like a huge amount of energy was going through my body into the bush!!!

I could not believe that the bush talked to me!!! There was no one else around that I could have heard, and this encouraged me to try to connect more with other plants and trees on my property-that even those of us who don't feel that we are good with plants can make more of a difference than we think:)


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