Is being an empath a priviledge?

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2 years ago
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I often read that being am empath is a blessing and privilege - and I wonder if those who write such are empath themselves, or just trying to console themselves?

I feel I have developed or (re-discovered) my empathic abilities through very extensive spiritual work. I have done tons of meditation, self-exploration and have prayed to re-discover my true divine being. I might have been relatively sensitive before then, but more in the way that heartbreaks would be really traumatic, not that other people's energies could majorly dis-affect me! I believe that, from a spiritual perspective, I have 'normalized', rather than become abnormally sensitive (obviously form a human perspective I might be abnormally sensitive). So therefore, I feel blessed that I have had loads of spiritual help to become more my true divine self again - but are my abilities a 'privilege'?

A quick Google search gives me:

a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

I do not think my empathy is as special right - I feel that everyone who were to meditate and self-explore, as much as I did, would and could become empathic too. It can be an advantage - as, as an empath, I might get an intuitive early warning if someone means me harm, keep my wits up and pray for healing. That is but a handful of times a year though, and the rest of the time my empathy is yet more limiting than enabling. I had chronic fatigue when working in accounts and an office environment. Add an owl bio-rhythm, and a 9-5 job still seems somewhat illusionary. I'd love to finish my medical studies, but still feel that the resisting energies would still be too hefty - even if I had the time, money and strength for it. Last year I did a sports massage course and that was a real struggle, even at a fraction of the study material - and being somewhat more alternative than hard core western-medicine..... Now, do not get me wrong - I am not complaining. I manage fine, being a spiritual healer and masseur. I have no major assets to my name (some weeks business is limited by client requests, others by the amount of energy I have), but it is not all about money. I feel I have gained immeasurable contentedness and wisdom - mainly through my spiritual journey. No necessary midlife crisis for me anymore :)

Still, when I hear privilege -- my first thought is the rich. If one has plenty of money, that usually brings more choice though - maybe not emotionally, but with regards to profession, travel, where to live etc - yes. Being more my divine self gives me more choices in my heart and mind, but not yet in outside life. It often does not make life more pleasurable, but harder. Feeling a client's depression is no joy! Sure, once you feel that you help a client overcome a depression, that is very rewarding - but it can take a few sessions to get there, sometimes months/ years - and in the mean time..... I have no choice too what I want to feel, if a negative energy is strong enough and wants to attack me, or use me as a channel out, they usually manage..... (until I, and all my spiritual helpers, have vanquished them)

Again - I am not complaining. I know how I am is right! I see myself more as a soldier though. A soldier of Light that is. To live a harmonious and fulfilled live, without (or with much less) negativity - I first have to battle. I have to help change the world, and help cleanse it of resisting negative energies. Now I am not sure that being drafted into any war is a privileged? Sure, I am happy that I am fighting on the side of the Light, not the confused energies. Being with the Light, I might get wounded, but ultimately I feel safe. More and more battles are won, and I get more and more time off between battles. I find more and more like minded people, such on this forum (and many of them are standing their ground and battling already too.) Ultimately I am confident that in the long run the suffering bottom line of my life will become close to zero, if not a negative. In the mean time though - telling me to feel privileged - is like telling a dustman, who has to work very long hours to make ends meet, he should feel privileged for his job. His job picking up carelessly, and often ignorantly, discarded litter. Grateful to have a job - sure, maybe - but privileged? Sure, the dustman might end up building a successful recycling empire and become rich and successful - until he is there though -telling him he is privileged will likely just feel condescending.....

Sorry, had to say it. Feeling better now!

Love, light and Laughter everyone!

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2 years ago
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thanks - and all the best fro your daughter!

2 years ago
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I never considered my gifts a privilege. It isn't always easy being an empath and have clear knowing. I peek into people's lives without even realizing it. I am always ready to help when needed it seems. I find living in a city harder all the time and I am no longer a member of the same community. I am not a part of the 'rat race'. I believe it is part of my ascension.

I sometimes wonder if individuals are what they claim or if they just want it so much. Actually, sorry, that isn't true. When I meet them I know exactly what they are in reality.

It is a gift. Maybe I do indeed have super powers! I rock! (Just my sense of humor)


2 years ago
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Your last few sentences reminded me of a discussion I had on another site. I was trying to come to terms with my difficulties setting up a business as an intuitive/healer. The comments back were interesting - I was told that I could have anything I wanted and then, a few replies down, I was told that I might never succeed in this work and that I should just go get a job at Wal-mart and I better be grateful for whatever I got, even if it meant poverty.

Then there are the people who throw fits if a person charges money for "spiritual" work. They believe that this is a higher calling and therefor, we shouldn't charge. It's hard to explain that you have to pay the bills and that after a long day of work - say at Wal Mart, you don't have the energy to do the healings and readings.

Finally, I will leave you with an interesting example of someone who is "privileged" and miserable. I recently visited a beautiful metaphysical store. It's very large, and a great collection; however the owner was horrible. She didn't want to talk to the customers and when she did, she was visibly angry. At first I thought she must be going through some major issues but then I looked up her store on yelp. She had about 13 reviews dating back to 2011 and only had an overall rating of 3.5. The reviews basically stated what I just wrote; great collection but horrible customer service. I looked up the owner and she's had the store for years, even rebuilt and enlarged the building. She travels to India every year so the woman must have plenty of income. The location is amazing, with the water and hills - I mean it's just beautiful. She has all that, and this woman is miserable. By the way, she teaches meditation classes - obviously they aren't helping her.

I have a few theories about this but the main thing that leaps out from my experience and those of the reviewers is that she doesn't like customers; it's like a big imposition for her to be dealing with the public. What's the point of years spent meditating with your guru in India, when you can't be kind - or at least polite to people. I think she's the sort that's only happy while meditating on a lone hilltop. Sure, we all can feel spiritual when we are alone, but the real work is when we have to deal with others.

2 years ago
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thanks for your comments!

Yes, I am grateful for my gifts - but they can make life difficult as well, and at times even make me quite unwell. If I saw them as a privilege, I might have to feel guilty for being a tad grumpy during times of battle - lol

Love and Light

2 years ago
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Trying to find out through my dreams it worked once i just have to pray

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