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I reckon that most empath are spiritually 'lighter' than the average Jo/Jane - 'lighter', spiritually, is holier though (as in more whole, complete). I have stopped believing I am more sensitive and weaker, rather I choose to believe I am stronger, and through my Light, trigger energetic resistances (associated with healing processes) in other beings. When an empath gets negative energy from somewhere/ someone, and feels bad for it - there is no way of telling 'how much' negative energy attacks him/ her? I choose to believe that it is often quite a lot, as being 'lighter', empaths actually should have greater energy-put-through capacities.... I.e. the energy that makes an empath feel bad, would potentially totally flatten a normal person?!?! Maybe I am wishful thinking and have a hero complex, but thinking my way makes way more sense to me than believing I am handicapped some way. We are superheros in a way, dealing with humanities energetic refuse. All that said I really don't care what I call myself - Empath or HSP, those who want to mis-understand us, and see us as handicapped, rather than more-able, will do so with either terminology....

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