What does it mean to get bad uncomfortable vibes from someone?

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2 years ago
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Yesterday, I met a new teacher for this new semester and when she walked in, I felt a bad vibe coming from her and my heart felt very uncomfortable...but I don't think it was her emotions.

I tried to shield myself from that vibe so I can study but that became a struggle to do that and study at the same time.

When I asked other students about her, there were some negative comments but nobody mentioned about feeling anything negative from her.

Then I remember about my second semester in college, I got a very similar vibe from another teacher and even though that teacher and this one were nice to me...I failed their class.

Do you guys know what does it mean to feel that from someone and how to handle it?

I decided to drop that class in this semester even though because of that, I might have to take it with the same teacher in the next or future semester.

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2 years ago
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When I get negative energy from people I have come to understand that it can be for a variety of reasons - some people are pretty confused in their mind and they. or their energies 'resist' lighter, more spiritual beings. Their energies want to get rid of you/ push you out of a situation, or place, as your presence increases energy and awareness and makes it harder for them to keep up their self-conceit, self-dislike etc.

Other times energies seem to look for the lightest being around and try to use us as a channel out. They are tired of being the bad boy, and just want to go home....

Furthermore it can be an intuitive warning - along the lines of - 'Beware! Keep your wits about you!' Such warnings can be useful - for you it might mean - 'Make sure you study enough for this class'; 'Pray for enough help to master this class, including all possible healings the lecturer might require to be 'fair''

All the best!

Emmy Long
2 years ago
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I had this happen to me a few times with professors. It ended up being because they were just mean people. Plain and simple. That may not be the case for you. I tend to get an uncomfortable/anxious feeling everytime I encounter mean people. I don't deal well with bullies and I also don't deal well with confrontation because growing up my dad was very confrontational and a bully. Now anytime I'm around somebody with similar energy, I get all panicked thinking about having to deal with them. I've gotten better but sometimes I still have trouble looking these people in their eyes and I try to just stay out of their way. Maybe this professor had an energy similar to somebody from your past who you had a bad relationship with and you remembered it.
2 years ago
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I have gotten that from people before too. I think it is our gift picking up on negative energies from them, something others without our gift cannot sense. When I pick up bad vibes, there is usually a reason for it. When i do, I ask others who know the person, if possible. If not, I usually say something like, something seems strange about so and so. Then I will usually get a negative comment and then I know my sense was right.

Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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As Good mentioned, whenever I have had that feeling about someone, it has been an intuitive red flag for me. Whatever the reason, I have found to steer clear of that person. Two of these red flags for me have come to fruition. One was a coworker that turned out to be a severe alcoholic that drank on the job and got fired, another was someone that wound up getting my friend shot. So the reasons can be a multitude of things, you just have to trust your intuition. I have found in both of these cases though, I tried to warn the people involved that there was something wrong, but to no avail, no one listened so it came to fruition. Other times I just got away from the person with the bad vibe trusting that my intuition was right.

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