Is it worth taking a risk for Empaths to be in a romantic relationship?

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2 years ago
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I am 22, and I am asking this question because as Empaths, we generally are able to feel the emotions of others and it is different than normal people who can't who can't read or feel another person.

I mean that we can tell if a person's feeling is true and all without having to go through the conversation and telling face-to-face.

I was in a relationship once but it was only because the other person truly loved me but I broke up because there wasn't really anything else in common and it took a hard time for me to severe the empathic link so I can move on.

Ever since the past month, I started to be able to also see images instead of just feeling emotions when I try to connect to a person's mind.

Like there was a guy today who wanted to talk to me and when I tried to connect to his mind, I saw his intention and I ignored him afterwards.

Even though I am a psychology major student, I rely more on my abilities than what I learned in school.

I used to feel everyone's emotions' on a deeper level at first, but I have learned control myself and selectively choose or connect.

When friends asked me about me being single , I'll just say random excuses but the truth is, I don't think it is worth the risk as myself being what I am.

It's like a very rare chance to find someone.

(I told people that I never had a relationship because it was not in the open)

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2 years ago
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I am in a relationship with a GREAT guy.

My gifts cause some challenges for us. But IF you find the " right" person who accepts you as you are, then I firmly believe that we empaths CAN have happy romantic relationships. Beware that not all people understand us and our gifts, so it takes some trial and error to find the right person. But as I've learned{ and I am almost 40 years old} that the " right" person is well worth the wait.

Trust yourself when meeting a potential partner.

Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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I would have to agree with thinkinpictures76! The "right" person is worth the wait!!!!

Also, there is no such thing as the "perfect" relationship or the "perfect" guy. Everyone, including us, has their flaws.

It can be more difficult for us because we can tell when someone is lying, we can tell what their intentions are, what their true emotions are, etc., but this does not necessarily have to be a negative thing. Instead of having to kiss several frogs to find the prince, you will probably end up having to kiss a lot less:)

I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband who knows that I am an empath. We both love each other unconditionally and support each other during times of struggle and during times of joy:)

2 years ago
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I've been in my relationship with my bf for 6 years but just finally understood, in the past year or so how empaths relate to the world. He has been very supportive, even if he does not always understand my journey. I think beautiful souls can always be in a loving relationship, if it is with the right person. They should not add to your struggles or make your heart heavy but instead bring calmness nd clarity into your life. It sounds like you've been doing alot of work on yourself to govern your own feelings nd control which is great. I'd be open to love, but always cautious of trusting too soon. Let your heart nd soul guide you and best wishes
2 years ago
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I think that you should give love a try if it feels right. I have been married to my husband for 5 years now. I was attracted to him because of his care free spirit. He is positive, compassionate, smart, and loyal. I needed someone like him. I discovered that I was an empath about 2 years ago. When I told him about it, he believed me and has been extremely supportive. He knows that I can't go to a party and socialize for longer than 2 or 3 hours or I get drained. He knows how negative people can affect my day and will listen and talk to me until I'm smiling again. The way he puts it, he looks at me as being a delicate flower that begins to droop when I am not in the right environment (being around toxic people) but blooms when I am not picking up on the emotions of others and being myself. Like any normal couple, we have our moments but they are only temporary. We make an effort to always stay connected and love each other unconditionally. How was I so lucky to find him? I prayed for a good husband and God sent me his best.

2 years ago
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I am 13 14 in the 25 of june so like not very long till i am 14 well its gonna be hard but reading through what you said makes me feel like i would much rather be in a relationship with another empath it would be alot more eaiser to express feelings
2 years ago
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My undergraduate is in psychology and, like you, I use a lot more than what I was taught to help others. As with any relationship the person you are with should not expect you to change. No, we are not mainstream, but it sure can make an interesting relationship. Advise I give a lot .... you are not going to change a person. All you can control is how you respond. Attempting to control us would be a mistake. Remember we are important to the world. You need someone who understands and accepts your gift. My husband did not really believe at first. So, I started telling him things when I would first visit one of his relatives. He believes me now.

Yes, we have expectations. We not just need we have to have alone time. Doesn't mean we love our partners less. Even having a separate bed is a good idea. We have an amazing capacity to love. Humans and animals. When I listen to music or sing (not saying I am good) I feel it inside me. If a partner took this away it would affect our relationship.

Again, having a partner is wonderful. My husband's energy surrounds me. I can feel it. Yes, I know when he lies. I know what is in his heart. He isn't perfect and neither am I. Who would want perfection? Not me. Nature is not perfect. Also, remember that if you hurt the other person it can rebound on you. You are an empath after all.

Personally, I believe anyone should feel honored to be married to you. You have a tremendous amount to give. As your guides and guardians for guidance. Ask for help. Be cautious, but open. Possibly you need to heal a little before starting another relationship. After my divorce I sat back, looked at my life and decided I need to heal and get centered before starting a new relationship.

I think it is great you were able to see his intent. You may meet an awful lot of frogs before finding your true prince.

I hope this all makes sense and helps a little. May your path bring you peace and happiness.

2 years ago
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I always think that it's better that way too, but it's not easy finding one especially in this world.

It is like I'll have to travel over the world to find the right person or even to meet another empath.

Now that reminds me of a fortune teller who said that in my past life, I was travelling in search for my love.

I wasn't sure if that's sure but I keep an open mind.

2 years ago
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I tried to see though people every time to be safe, but the problem at times is when my personal feelings get in my way and I'll take a chance and get hurt.

Thanks, and everyone here is really understanding.

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