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Hi Lightworker Luke X

You were just following the energy that you were detecting. You are of the Light and this is just asmall example of what you really are, an eternal being of Light having a material experience. "Luke" is only a small part of your true reality. You can learn to use these skills in a much stronger manner by taking up Chi Gong which is a form of Tai Chi but much more spiritual in its applications as you learn to use your Lightworker energy to heal and change the energy of others into a more relaxed and happy manner. After a while you will be able to literally change the mood of all who interact with you. You can see some videos at my YouTube channel 1111Angelswhere you will also find lots oftopics to help you relax, learn deep meditation, explore spiritual philosophy, angels and other topics pertaining to our work as Lightworkers in this world at this time of change. Welcome to the EC.

Throw some love into the wind.


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