Negative People

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2 years ago
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How do I stop drawing these people to me? I'm very happy and positive in my life and that negative energy drains me and gets me depressed andnauseated. I dont lIke feeling that way.. I can feel their insecurities, sadness, worries, anxieties and I just can't help them anymore. Yet these are the people I keep meeting. How do you handle? Do you just say to yourself or to these people, I don't know you have to figure that out yourself?
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2 years ago
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You can do your best to stay away from negative people. If someone around you starts talking about something negative tell them you don't want to hear it and that you would appreciate if they wouldn't talk about such things around you. If they don't like that then they don't deserve to be in your life. It is impossible to stay away from negative people all the time but you can block them when you can't shut them down. See the link below. Mostly just try and kick negative people out of your life. They will fight you on it. That is what they do especially if they are family but you have every right not to feel that way and to choose who you spend your time with. Tell people if they can't be positive or at least neutral around you then they can't be around you. Period.

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