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I found out a few years ago as I was having panic attacks and anxiety to the point i though i was dying. It was my therapist who had told me after some time in therapy that I am. I was also told by a ReikI massage therapist as she sensed that about me. Both have told me I am a strong empath. I always thought it was normal to feel emotions about other people or who was causing the tension in the room. But it is not, my frinds thint im ridiculous about this. My struggle is I like to help people but it completely consumes and drains me that I'm to tired to focus on me. Yet I keep having these negative people come to me like a magnet. I have learned that being in nature washes all that out of me as I can release the energy and by having a good diet and ALOT of exercise. Since then I am able to focus on me and have been able to soul search again as I lost it with the gift I didn't know I had.

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