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Hi Katelyn

What you FELT on the train was the frustrations and emotions of all those who are "normal" and have no outlet or method of removing their negative emotions and attitudes. That is what you are Feelling. It is also a time of great elevation of the Light frequency energy in this world and the commencement of a great Awakening of people who are empathic. The difference between those who choose the Light and those of the Shadows will increase and the line between both groups will become more defined. In other words those of the Light will be drawn to a higher frequency and those of the shadows will become darker. When I joined the EC a few years ago I was the 33rd member. We now number over 6,500 members and rising everyday. I am sure that we will be over 7000 by the end of this year.

The other day I was at the hospital with my wife who had to undergo a day patient procedure. As I was waiting in a near empty cafeteria I felt the fear emotions of those who had been sitting in the room. It was like a wave or cloud surrounding and trying to infuse itself in me. I immediately called on my angels and all that is of the Light to surround and infuse me with Light energy and take all the negative energy into the Light for transmutation. Immediately upon finishing this request my spirits lifted andI felt a great peace surround me. You can do this at anytime you feel overwhelmed and it will just calm you right down. As the angels always say, "Just Ask". Once again welcome to the EC our little oasis of sanity.

Throw some love into the wind.


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