Surviving the Mercury Retrograde

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2 years ago
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I'm new to this site (and to knowing I am an empath) and I just want to ask if anyone has advice on surviving the Mercury retrograde?

During the last retrograde in February I got attuned to reiki, and the combination left me feeling like I belonged in an asylum. It was a new emotional/psychic crisis every day and I had no idea what to do. I felt like I couldn't trust my gut or my feelings anymore, and sometimes I felt I was losing myself. I was much better and more stable after the retrograde ended and I adjusted to the attunement, but another retrograde just started on Monday and I'm not feeling so stable anymore.

This morning I cried when I got to my office after being on a packed train for just 20 minutes. While on the train I felt so much anger, frustration, was a lot to deal with for only 8am! I was even convinced for those 20 minutes that my boyfriend and I needed to go on a break until I got my spiritual self into shape, as I spent the last two days picking fights with him for no reason. He has been so patient and understanding throughout the last few months, and he was able to bring me back down off my ledge once I got to work, but I need to learn how to handle this on my own. I don't want to push my loved ones away or take my problems (or other people's) out on them.

Does anyone have experience with this issue, or advice on how to deal with it?

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2 years ago
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Hi Katelyn

What you FELT on the train was the frustrations and emotions of all those who are "normal" and have no outlet or method of removing their negative emotions and attitudes. That is what you are Feelling. It is also a time of great elevation of the Light frequency energy in this world and the commencement of a great Awakening of people who are empathic. The difference between those who choose the Light and those of the Shadows will increase and the line between both groups will become more defined. In other words those of the Light will be drawn to a higher frequency and those of the shadows will become darker. When I joined the EC a few years ago I was the 33rd member. We now number over 6,500 members and rising everyday. I am sure that we will be over 7000 by the end of this year.

The other day I was at the hospital with my wife who had to undergo a day patient procedure. As I was waiting in a near empty cafeteria I felt the fear emotions of those who had been sitting in the room. It was like a wave or cloud surrounding and trying to infuse itself in me. I immediately called on my angels and all that is of the Light to surround and infuse me with Light energy and take all the negative energy into the Light for transmutation. Immediately upon finishing this request my spirits lifted andI felt a great peace surround me. You can do this at anytime you feel overwhelmed and it will just calm you right down. As the angels always say, "Just Ask". Once again welcome to the EC our little oasis of sanity.

Throw some love into the wind.


2 years ago
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I would see the attunement and the retrograde as separate issues. Most of us who have gone through attunements experience different symptoms, some are physical, others emotional. Usually, whatever the person needs to address in their life, is going to come up. Often people will feel physically ill as the body clears itself,and/ or they will experience a wide range of emotions as those must be cleared. So, to me, it looks like this was more about the attunement.

However, as you becomes more sensitive to energies, you may be effected more by retrogrades. I tend to look at anything astrological as a "stage setting". It's not that any planetary change has the power to make us react a certain way; rather, it's as if the stage has changed, and we as the actors in this play, react differently to the change in environment. I think of a mercury retrograde as the Hanged Man in the tarot; everything is a little "off" and we are not moving forward but sort of hung up. And that's good, it is a time when we need to reflect on where we've been and what direction we are headed. A retrograde is like the "pause" button, it gives us time to reflect and to make changes if necessary before we hit the "reset" button.

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