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Keep her out of the sun. I once read some people have skin that is sensitive to the sun. They cannot take sunlight.

For healing you can use two things that are pretty cheap... apple cider vinegar with the mother. You can hold it over anything or on a bandaid for some hours and it restores your skin. May burn a bit butthe burn sensation doesnt last long. You can mix 1 8 oz of water everyday as a drink to boost your immune system.

Another is extra virgin coconut oil. Make sure it is organic, cold pressed (melts at room temp but solid below). You can rub it on her rash. You can even use it as a moisturizer and it will restore your akin as well. Prolonged use on the skin will make it softer than a baby's bottom. Eating or drinking will make you lose some weight and help your immune system.

I've tested both myself and read through plenty of articles. Some reviews, research, studies and whqtever else is out there. It wasn't for school. I read over it for two to three months looking for immortality. This is the closest to it. I do not get sick, look incredibly young, and no matter how much sleep I have I feel energized. I still get sores muscles from working out but hey.

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