Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
3 years ago
274 posts

Hi Katelyn:

You are in the right place! You are no longer alone, you are now part of a community that has been where you are!

Some reading material for you to get you going...

  1. Elise'sEmpath Survival Program.
  2. Donna Eden'sZip Up Technique
  3. theTools for the Empathgroup
  4. Thriving As An Empath - my own favorite for reasons that will be obvious when you go there. I personally use this technique every day.

For some people being an empath feels like a liability now but it is a gift, an honor and a privilege to have this ability. Enjoy reading the articles.


Emmy Long
Emmy Long
3 years ago
486 posts
I've worked in places where I was around people all day and it does get draining. For a couple years I answered phones for the university parking enforcement office where I went to school. Almost every call I got was somebody angry about a ticket or frustrated because they didn't understand where to park. I taught myself to look past the person's anger and find their love. It not only helped me to avoid picking up their negativity, but it also made me feel GOOD because I was seeing different kinds of love in different kinds of people all day long. It really reinforces your love for humanity when you see the goodness in people even at their worst. <3

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