Feeling someone else's exhaustion

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2 years ago
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Hi everyone,

Can any of you feel exhaustion as if it were stress, anger, or any other emotion?

I am constantly surrounded by people who are exhausted by life. A few times I have asked friends if they were okay because they seemed sad, and they usually reply, "I am just tired." Then it finally dawned on me how terrible I am at not pulling in and drowning in other people's exhaustion: I will be having a peachy ol' day and suddenly I can barely focus, I lose all motivation, and I feel a compelling negativity. This doesn't happen for me with any other emotion.

Does anyone else experience this?

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Emmy Long
2 years ago
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Sometimes when I forget to filter this happens to me. Usually all it takes to get back to feeling myself again is a short meditation break. During the meditation I refocus my mind and heart on the positive energy that surrounds me. Also showers can be great help for this as well if you've got the time. I will get into the shower, close my eyes, and imagine my aura as being filled with black goop that is the negative energy I've picked up from others. Then I imagine the water falling from the shower is rainbow light. As it falls on me it washes the black goop from my aura until it is back to a bright white shining light. <3
Trevor Lewis
2 years ago
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Short answer: Yes!

Longer answer, following Emmy in sharing techniques: my favorite technique

2 years ago
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Hi Emmy, I noticed it happening to me again today -I wasn't so tired until I was surrounded by a bunch of stressed exhausted people again. Yesterday I read a comment in these forums about refocusing on your own energy. I tried that today and it worked: just a quick recentering by refocusing on my own energy signature. I guess it is kind of like you said -just a tiny meditation :) And I totally agree about the showering; I shower at night as a feel to kinda "cleanse" sort of like you said. I like how you think about the processes; thanks for sharing!

This all really caught me off guard because I am usually in such better control of the push and pull of energy through my body. :/

Hi Trevor, thank you for the reply! I am replying during a quick break now, but will definitely check out this link when more time is available. :)

Have a lovely day to both of you!

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