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This all sounds so familiar to me. I just got out of a 2 year long relationship with a drug addict. He was sober, then he wasn't, then he was sober again, then he wasn't again. Some people can change, but drug addiction is a hard thing to overcome. Don't be afraid to step back if things become too much. You can love a person with your whole heart, but you need to remember to love yourself FIRST. It was hard to leave him, I felt so guilty. But really, it was necessary. My whole life was put on hold trying to help him overcome his addiction. I quit college for a year, I worked two jobs most of the time, I put his needs before my own, lost friends over him. I'm not saying it HAS to be that way for your relationship as well, I'm just warning you that it can turn into that before you even realize it's happened.If you do choose to stay with him, don't allow him or any of these other people to use your energy. If you notice people doing this, don't be afraid to tell them they are draining you. Even if you don't tell them you're an empath, most people can still relate to being emotionally drained. Let them know their negativity and dependence are causing you to feel overwhelmed and unhappy. It's not your job to make sure they are happy. <3 I've been through all of these same problems. I let people take too much of me and had nothing left for myself. I have trouble saying no. But since I've started to do more for myself, things have gotten better for me and everyone else around me.
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Hi Christina

Well, the good news is that you are here at the EC. The rest of the news is also good. You are definitely, 100%, an empath. I have sent you some links in my welcome message to you and if you click on the Dolores Cannon link you will find a number of books that you can download for free in PDF. I suggest that you start with "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth". It will explain a lot of the reasons why you are empathic and why you are here on earth at this time.

The reason that we draw people to us is that from the spiritual realm's viewpoint we "shine" very brightly. We are like lighthouses. We also give off lots of energy with this Light. Thus, we attract people who are "lost" or low in energy. Some of us also can hide from this world and its low frequency in addictions ourselves as this is a very dense, slow, thick place to come to. It is very important to take care of ourselves in order to fulfill our missions of helping to raise the levels of Light, Life and Love in this world. Burning out is a real danger for empathic people as we really care very deeply about the welfare of all living things be they human, animal or plant life. It is a common topic of conversation here at the EC. We wish to have the world come up to our frequency, but that is not always possible as people have to wish to help themselves as well. We can, thus, become unwitting enablers. We are here to help, but not to live their lives for them. I had substance problems in the past and the only way for someone to change is if they want to. There are a number of great organizations and programs that can help addicts of all kinds be it Nicotine ( themost addictive drug ), alcohol, drugs,gambling or whatever. There are alsoprograms for spouses of addicts as well which will educate you asto how to live with a recovering addict. If you think a therapist would help I highly recommendRationalEmotive Therapy as it will help your friend get his thinking processes back on track. Whatever you choosedo to you must remember that youcannot wish for someone to change; it has to be their decision to go forward intoa new life. They have to choosebetween a life with you or a life with their addiction. All addictslive and plan their lives around their addictions. Just think about all of the smokers that you know who share time together smoking on their breaks from whateverelse they do in their day.When an addict changes their lives around it alsoinvolves a big change in who they associate with. It is important that an addict realize that the only thing that he / she has in common with their "friends" is their addiction. Once that is realized, once that bond is broken, a whole new persona, a whole new life, then begins. It is literally like being reborn or given a new identity. These "friends" will sometimes get in the way of this new beginning and want the person to return to their old ways. This happens a lot with smokers as the now non-smoker will be urged by their addicted friends to restart their old negative habit. Expect some anger from his soon to be ex friends.

If he wishes to keep you, and a very positive future, in his life he will make the choice to give up this addiction. It will be challenging, but the lesson that he will learn from it is that he is worthy of being loved; worthy of feeling good about himself; worthy of self esteem and self confidence; that he is a good person no matter what he has been told by others in his past and that he can walk in the sunshine and have a good life. Some days will be more challenging then others and sometimes it is literally living from minute to minute just to stay ahead of the darkness. The lesson learned is that no matter what life throws at him he can, with patience and perseverance, walk in the sunshine, take control of what he is able to and then weather the challenges that come along right out of the blue. I know this lesson very well as I have been in that dark place due to mistakes made and events that I had no control over. He is extremely fortunate to have you, and your love, in his life and I hope that he realizes that. If need be show him this letter. If you are an angel person I wouldtalk to Archangel Raphael. You can find out more about him, and other angels, at the following link.

Archangels and You

Once again know that we are here for YOU and that you cancome here to the EC, to your fellowempaths, and always be treated with kindness, compassion and, most importantly, LOVE.

Throw some love into the wind.


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