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I've developed a number of mechanisms for dealing with the incredible amount of information that I'm constantly absorbing from everything around me. Luckily most of these mechanisms haven't been seriously unhealthy. Do other people live in maybe not strict OCD patterns, but patterns none the less that help bring stability to their lives? My cats think that I'm one of them because I perform the same general routines daily to the point that if I deviate from a pattern, my cats get uncomfortable and agitated.

On that note, do others have a very keen sense of their pets moods/emotions, and find pets have a greater fondness because of it?

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Gin S
Gin S
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Some people need lots of structure and routine. It sounds like you are that way. If it helps then that is great.

I can understand my cats. They talk to me and like that I talk to them as well. Not that they are very interesting to talk to usually lol. Mostly they just want treats and attention but sometimes they will tell on one of the kids or let me know when one of the other cats gets trapped in someone's room. We do have one very empathic cat though. If one of us gets mad she will do everything she can to get to them. Then she will meow, purr and rub herself against us to try and calm us down. I can tell what they need or want. It is funny when I have to herd the cats, they will follow me everywhere. They rest of the family is amazed at how they all run to me and talk to me. They even have tones such as when they ask a question or give me an answer. It is really neat.

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