The "Heart Field"

3 years ago
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So, I've been thinking about this whole empath thing. And as a naturally curious person, I tried to do some research to figure out the science behind it all. I stumbled across this:
If this theory with the heart field is true, then I have a few questions.
First of all, as much as it makes sense, the field could only go so far. If this is true, then why can I tune into peoples emotions/pains from thousands of miles away? Wouldn't the field have to extend over that distance... and even if it did, wouldn't it pick up the feelings of everyone along the way, making the whole experience chaotic? Or perhaps the field is selective and only reaches out to the individual on mind.
Is there another explanation, or perhaps this one is flawed/not looked into enough. Or maybe it's a different ability that I have even though it seems identical to my empathic abilities? Maybe they work in sync?
What are your thoughts?

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Emmy Long
Emmy Long
3 years ago
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While the video seems plausible, I'm not convinced empathy can be explained scientifically. I just think it's one of those things you either feel or don't, you know? When I first came here I kept trying to find concrete proof that I was an empath and a logical explanation of what it is. So far, I believe there is neither. How I came to know I was an empath was through sharing experiences on here and reading the experiences of others. You just know when something clicks within you when you've finally found what you've been searching for.I don't think it can be explained scientifically any more than things like morals or kindness can be. There are tons of theories, but there's no way to have empirical proof. Empathy is subjective and happens in an individual's own mind and being, I'm not sure it's possible to research that kind of thing.That being said, I'm ok now with not having proof. Some things just are, and they can't be explained. <3

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