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Hello everyone, I found this website yesterday and registered as soon as possible. I thought I'd introduce myself, since I think I'll be spending a lot of time on here.
I am 13, almost 14. I've chosen not to disclose my name because I'd rather not have any of my real life friends stumble onto my profile, and read what I've posted, because I'm still struggling with being an Empath and I'm not sure I've found anyone who I'm comfortable with talking to about it.
I found out I was an empath, or at least, that I had empath abilities when I was talking to an online friend. We were having a conversation and I remember finishing his sentences, or just knowing what he was going to say. Around that time, he was going through some things in his life and I remember one morning jolting awake thinking, "something's wrong", and just a generalized feeling of urgency. When I checked my messages, that friend had been panicking and trying to contact me.
At first I thought we just had a special connection, and I still had never heard of the term "empath." I told them about it, and they were very accepting.
A few weeks later, I was talking to another online friend. At that time I was so deep in conversation I realized that my stomach was aching. It wasn't really pain like a normal stomach ache, but I could feel it and it didn't feel right. I had no reason to have a stomach ache, since I was not sick or hungry. A few minutes later in the conversation, she told me she hadn't eaten for hours and that her stomach was hurting. I was surprised and confused and told her about it. She said she had experienced the same kind of thing before, feeling someone elses pain.
A while after that, I messed around with my abilities a bit. I would try and concentrate on people and see if I could feel what they were feeling, and it worked a lot of the time. Even if the other person was hundreds of miles away from me, I could feel their pain and their emotions.
At this point I was around twelve and a half. I stumbled into something when I was googling about "feeling others emotions and pain". I read about empaths and thought, "Oh that's cool. I'm an empath." I didn't give much thought into it until a little bit later.
Around the time when I had just turned 13, I went to an aquarium and of course, had opened my mind in a way. I wasn't experienced at all, and the next two hours were devastating. I had something close to a migraine headache, I couldn't concentrate, and I was extremely irritable. My mom didn't understand what was going on, and I didn't understand how to stop picking up on what people were feeling. When I got home things were better, and I shut myself in my room until the next day.
For a while since then, I haven't tried to use my empath abilities much, besides to try and help a friend who was dealing with depression by empathizing with her. I only started researching again recently because of an incident where my brother became extremely aggravated, where I then became aggravated until I realized it was not my anger that I was feeling. I have already learned a lot in the last two days. I can't wait to get my abilities under control, and I'm looking at my situation more posotively.
I look forward to talking to you guys!
- Lulip

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Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
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It took me over five decades to realize what you've learned at 13 (yes, I'm ancient!)

Welcome to the EC. There's lots here for you, people and knowledge.

Some reading material for you to get you going...

  1. Elise'sEmpath Survival Program.
  2. Donna Eden'sZip Up Technique
  3. theTools for the Empathgroup
  4. Thriving As An Empath - my own favorite for reasons that will be obvious when you go there. I personally use this technique every day.
  5. TheTeen Aged Empath group

This is a great crowd here. Good to have you join us!


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