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Kaitlyn Brokaw
2 years ago
216 posts
Do any of you know of good Empath books? Like just any kind of self help or information about Emapths. I would love for you to leave suggestions in the comments! Going to the library tonight, so I wanted to see if they have any books like that :)Thank you!
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Christina Rogers
2 years ago
30 posts

I must admit, it is like pulling teeth to get book lists. I tried in December without much success. BUT, this discussion from 2013 has some great suggestions by3sm7expfizdwz


I'll share mine as well. I've been collecting/reading over the years and I highly recommend these:


Hope these help!


If an administrator reads this, might there someday be a place in our community to share reading material links like we currently share videos/pictures? XOXO <3

Emmy Long
2 years ago
484 posts
There's a group on this site called the library of inspiration and there's a ton of information there! Books to read, websites, and youtube videos. Bing Haley is the person who runs the group and is an excellent source to go to if you're looking for reading material.
Christina Rogers
2 years ago
30 posts
Emmy, whaaaat?! Thank you. Joining that library group asap!

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