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3 years ago
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Does anyone else ever feel like a superhero? Both positive and negative. We can help people but sometimes we aren't able to get there fast enough. When it comes to relationships we don't always get the happy ending, we're protectors, healers and it's hard to find someone that understand all the thing that happens to us. Who else feels this way. Please share your thoughts.
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3 years ago
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Underdog always.. I found, Chris, that when I first came in I did feel the way you describe.. It was all new and it made sense and I felt like a whole person. I felt like I could make a difference in ways I had never considered. The all of the responsibility weighs in. Working through it can be difficult but there are rewards to it too.

I would rather feel than feel nothing at all? I guess that is what I decided after playing the "maybe I'll hide and wait this one out" game... but early on I had a woman send me a picture that said.. "Be who you were born to be"... and it was then I knew I could no longer exist and blend.

People that feel so much and influenced by what they feel can truly help to make others whole.. recognize & acknowledge who they are. Teaching and learning how to love unconditionally and do show others one doesn't always do things expecting anything in return ~ but we can hope to gain good people in our lives from it.

Wow.. went off on a sidetrack there.. is that terrets again?



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