Can you feel it? 200 Empaths in our community...

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9 years ago
414 posts
When I started this community, I thought it would end up being me and a couple of my friends...And here we are now with over 200 members!I have started more and more to feel that connection to all of you in my daily awareness. It's like a beautiful web of emotional connections, sparkling with light. Words cannot describe how happy it makes me that we are here, together, connected.My early years as an Empath were lonely and scary. I had no clue what was going on. But every time I see someone else join our community, I think to myself: "Here's another who has come home and will never be alone again".I invite you to take a moment right now to celebrate with me the strength of our Empath network!
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2 years ago
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I am so glad I found you guys! Thank you for a wonderful sit Elise, you are pure magic!!

Moderator 2
2 years ago
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If anyone is curious, we are now well over 6,000 members!!!! Elise did a wonderful job creating our Empath home and making it a place for Empath's to connect. :)

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