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The Importance of Being Jonny
The Importance of Being Jonny
4 years ago
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So upon moving to Oregon, I met this guy at my sister's work named Seth. Almost immediately, he felt close and I deduced that could mean one thing, he was like me or related to me. He didn't feel like family, but he felt close. He added me on Facebook and we had been FB friends for a little over a year.

He is very attractive and super single. That didn't sit right with me. A guy like him, all the girls must be throwing themselves at him. Then I got to know his personality and he is a huge douchebag which eventually led to my defriending him on Facebook. He can be sharp tongued and tasteless. He makes the occasional sexist comments, so I hear. It just bothered me for so long why a guy like him is single like me. I don't get it. He should be posting about how he went out on a date and how he's a ladies man, but no. Extraordinarily single.

To me in my experiences, that could only mean one thing. He is on a lonely path. But that doesn't excuse his personality. For a long time, I wanted to approach him about what I feel. And although I avoided doing that for fear that I would look crazy, I never stopped thinking he was an empath. He made a very arrogant and super douchebag status about a month ago about him despising people who call in sick to work. And as a person with an illness who is very hardworking, to the point of making myself sicker by not taking it easy, I found his comments to be highly offensive so I immediately defriended him which I had been looking for a reason to do for a long time.

Today I saw him at his job, I was at the pharmacy, quietly waiting to get my meds. I saw an Albertsons employee walk into my periphery and I turned my head to see that it was him. He said hi Jonny and I smiled, nodded and he left. For that split second of our eyes meeting, I saw extreme loneliness. I didn't feel it, but I saw it. And it explained everything. His personality, why he feels he needs to be arrogant and something he's not. He probably would never admit it to anyone he isn't close to. His dad I can see him admitting his loneliness to, but no one else. He's duty bound and that's all he lives for is work. He has a social life, but I get the impression his work means more than any football game, any night out with the girls and boys. It all made sense.

I want to give him a chance, to get to know him. But a year has passed and I do what I always do with new people, try to get to know them and they ignore me. So I didn't need yet one more person in my life or on my Facebook that treated me this way. I doubt he would confront me about deleting him. I do wish we had been friends. I always feel something in people that I wonder if they know themselves. He's very spiritual and optimistic, but extremely arrogant. In my opinion, it's a waste because he has a good heart. But he pushes people away with his personality.


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