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Wow...interesting stuff here! Very interesting.It goes to that equation presented in the movie A Beautiful Mind. John Forbes Nash Jr.: "What's good for the All is good for the One."Voluntary generosity. It was actually quite a comical scene when Mr. Nash, (played by the impressive Russell Crowe) came upon this wisdom. He reasoned that if he went home with the ravishing blonde at the bar then her girlfriends would feel like second best and his friends would not get much satisfaction.But If he picked up one of the less pretty girls,the other girls would feel better about themselves and his friends would get lucky. And feel indebted to him. So what's *good for the all good for the one*. "It was less than a glorious moment in *human generosity*...but it was the thinking that started him on the path towards his Nobel Peace Prize.I wonder how well it works when people take this *generous* way of thinking, believing that they will get more back. (What's that called tything?) Does this kind of behavior show the same statistical results. Because quite frankly it always sounded kind of selfish to me. Like saying "I'll give because I hear there's something in it for me."How does the Universe react to that kind of thinking?Just wondering.

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