How can you help the world as an empath?

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Merin Eliz
3 years ago
100 posts

I've always wanted to help people. It's one thing that always makes me feel like smiling. Even the smallest of deed done with a good heart is a help. How do you help others as an empath?

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3 years ago
303 posts

I like to go on question/answer sites and give people moral support. Sometimes I ask questions, too, but mostly I give advice and if there's nothing I can do, I still give them some sympathy. I'm not a very sociable person - not shy but not friendly, either, but I'm great with words.

Note: I don't like to preach to people. I'm middle-aged and I've been through a lot, made a lot of mistakes. Sometimes I share my experiences with people, hoping it will help them make better decisions, or at least know they're not alone.

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